A normal session

Each chiropody session usually lasts 45 minutes. Initially, each foot will be examined and any symptoms identified and described to the patient, along with a recommended course of treatment. This is done without recourse to any technical jargon, and every care is taken to ensure the patient fully understands the condition, why it may have occurred and exactly what treatment can be given. Next treatment will be applied where required, and finally the foot will be lubricated and given a full massage. This final process is usually the most enjoyed part of the process by everyone, even those with sensitive feet!

The second foot is then treated in the same way. You can be assured that your feet will feel wonderful when the procedure is complete, and it has often been described by patients as if they are walking on air as they leave the treatment room.

The price of a session is currently £27.00. Please compare our price and offering against other practices in the area (or even further afield) to see just how good this is.

Patients to the chiropody clinic may also purchase any medication recommended during the examination. These can normally be supplied at much reduced prices than high street chemists charge.