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Reflexology is a compression massage of the feet. The feet are a detailed and complete map of the body. Nerve endings or reflexes in the feet relate to every part of the body. Nerve endings are stimulated by expert massaging techniques, producing a state of relaxation which in turn encourages self healing.

Effective; though not a cure; reflexology is used to relieve injuries, cronic conditions and everyday health problems. It is helpful for stressful conditions and a good health maintenance tool.

Touch therapies are growing in popularity, and the one to one communication which reflexology offers has tremendous advantages in stimulating the healing process.

Note to patients:

Because both reflexology and the foot massage given in the Chiropractic Clinic act upon the lymph nodes, we do not recommend having both treatments in the same day. Rather, we strongly advise leaving a minimum of 48 hours between treatments.

To contact the clinic please phone 01757 213236.
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