The Maltings Clinic

The Maltings Clinic
40A Flaxley Road
North Yorkshire
Telephone: 01757 213236

Disable Excellent disabled access

Front of clinic

Chiropodist / Podiatrist:
Irene Aldred
M.S.S.Ch  M.B.Ch.A
Surgical Chiropodist
HPC registered: CH25717

Holistic Therapist:
Beth Dickinson
Holistic Therapist

The Maltings Clinic can provide all your Chiropody, Podiatry and Holistic requirements in the Selby and surrounding areas. Patients are seen at the clinic via appointments. Office/workplace day events can be arranged. Please contact the clinic for further details.

The Chiropody / Podiatry clinic has been owned and run by Irene Aldred since 2002 and her excellent service has been appreciated by all her customers from the local Selby area and beyond. Her friendly character makes people of all ages feel welcome and relaxed from the moment they enter the clinic, to the time they leave with their feet feeling so rejuvenated that many have said it feels like they were, "walking on air."

Beth Dickinson joined the clinic in 2017, after Julie Westwood retired at the end of 2016. Beth continues to offer professional Massage and Holistic therapies at the clinic as she brings her Pawali Massage and Holistic business to The Maltings Clinic.
See the Pawali Holistic section of this site for further details.

Irene and Beth
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